Uppsala University Department of Information Technology

Technical Report 2003-063

Spi Calculus Translated to pi-Calculus Preserving May-Testing

Michael Baldamus, Joachim Parrow, and Björn Victor

December 2003

We present a concise and natural encoding of the spi-calculus into the more basic pi-calculus and establish its correctness with respect to a formal notion of testing. This is particularly relevant for security protocols modelled in spi since the tests can be viewed as adversaries. The translation has been implemented in a prototype tool. As a consequence, protocols can be described in the spi calculus and analysed with the emerging flora of tools already available for pi. The translation also entails a more detailed operational understanding of spi since high level constructs like encryption are encoded in a well known lower level. The formal correctness proof is nontrivial and interesting in its own; so called context bisimulations and new techniques for compositionality make the proof simpler and more concise.

Available as PDF (424 kB), compressed Postscript (339 kB), and Postscript (951 kB)

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