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Department of Information Technology


UPMARC is a centre for research in software technology for multicore platforms in Sweden.
The centre is financed by Swedish Research Council and Uppsala university.

1. The Vice-Chancellor decided on November 12, 2008 that the Faculty of Science and Technology should appoint the board and to organise UPMARC as a centre at the Department of Information Technology.

2. UPMARC must form a strong research environment and develop the research in software technology.

3. The centre is lead by a board and a director.

4. The tasks of the board is

  • decide about guidelines for the activity.
  • appoint a scientific advisory board.
  • appoint an industrial reference group.
  • decide about the centre budget.
  • report to the Department of Information Technology.
  • conduct an evaluation and suggest changes in organisation before each term of office.

Please see the Swedish page for more details.

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