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Department of Information Technology

Positions at UPMARC

About positions, applications and the department:

A PhD position requires a Master of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent in a field which is relevant for the topic of the PhD thesis. The position is for a maximum of five years and includes departmental duties at a level of at most 20% (typically teaching). The salary amounts currently to about 27.400 SEK per month in the first year.

Applications should include a description of research interests and past experience, a CV, copies of exams, degrees and grades, a copy of Master thesis (or a draft thereof), relevant publications, and other relevant documents. Candidates are encouraged to provide letter(s) of recommendation and contact information to reference persons, and further to indicate their preferred research project(s), as well as earliest feasible starting date of employment. (See the submission website for instructions.)

Uppsala University is striving to achieve a more equal gender balance and female candidates are particularly invited to apply.

Some information about health- and child-care in Sweden:
Healthcare is free after a small fee in connection with the first visit to a doctor. The parental benefits in Sweden are very generous, e.g., you can take 13 months of parental leave and extend the length of your Ph.D. studies correspondingly. Childcare is of high quality and very affordable.

For more information, see (UPMARC), (the department) or contact: Prof. Bengt Jonsson,, or some other member of the UPMARC consortium. Union representatives are: Anders Grundström, SACO-rådet, tel +46 18-471 5380, Carin Söderhäll, OFR-S/ST, tel +46 18-471 1996, Stefan Djurström, SEKO, tel +46 18-471 3315.

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