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Department of Information Technology

Programmes and courses

Do you want to understand how information technology works? How digital and computerized techniques create and affect the development of tomorrow's technology?

The Department of Information Technology is an international environment with teachers who are also the world's leading researchers in their different fields. We cover a variety of issues, from the design of computer systems, through the programming of computers, the storage and handling of data, data mining and methods of using computers for a host of different contexts and towards a multitude of ends.

Below you will find lists of our courses divided per semester and links to information about our programs and how to complete your thesis project at the Department of Information Technology.


Schedule can be found in Time Edit. You can choose to download your schedule to your calendar in vCal or iCal format. See links at the bottom of the schedule page. If the schedule changes, the changes be transferred to your calendar.

Please note that all schedules are completed one period a time. If you look at a schedule for a coming period, all events are preliminary. Schedules are completed five weeks before the start of the period. Later adjustments to schedules may occur.

Examination and exam periods

The Department of Information Technology applies a rich variety of examination forms. This document regulates some of the most common of these forms, and in particular, what applies to students who have not passed an examination element.

Plagiarism and Cheating

As a student, you need to inform yourself about what counts as plagiarism, familiarise yourself with how to refer and cite the work of others and follow the instructions given by your teacher. Different rules may apply for different courses in the same way as different rules apply for researchers when publishing in different journals, or in different areas of research.

This handbook about plagiarism and cheating composed at the Center for Biology contains information valid for all programmes within the faculty of science and technology.

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