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Department of Information Technology

Distinguished University Teachers

Distinguished University Teachers is at once a career step and a distinguished title for extra-skilled teachers at Uppsala University.

To reward teachers with extraordinary pedagogical prowess, Uppsala University has introduced the possibility to be titled Distinguished University Teachers. Such a teacher is someone who has achieved a higher level of teaching skills. This level is clearly differentiated from the basic level, similar to how an associate professorship differs from a PhD-title.

Our Distinguished University Teachers

Below we proudly present the teachers at the Department of Information Technology appointed as distinguished university teachers by Uppsala University:

Name Date of appointment
Lars.Henrik Eriksson 2022-12-14
Jessica Lindblom 2022-12-14
Jarmo Rantakokko 2022-05-18
Emanuel Rubensson 2022-05-18
Bengt Carlsson 2021-12-15
Anders Arweström Jansson 2020-05-18
Ken Mattsson 2020-05-18
Anna Eckerdal 2019-12-11
Michael Thuné 2019-05-22
David Black-Schaffer 2018-05-18
Åsa Cajander 2018-05-18
Tobias Wrigstad 2018-05-18
Stefan Engblom 2017-12-15
Björn Victor 2017-12-15
Lars Oestreicher 2016-12-13
Matteo Magnani 2016-06-07
Mats Daniels 2014-06-02
Anders Hast 2014-12-17
Lars-Åke Nordén 2013-03-04
Arnold Pears 2013-03-04
Stefan Pålsson 2013-06-18
Lina von Sydow 2013-03-04
Hans Karlsson 2013-03-04
Distinguished university teachers with a tie to the IT-department, but employed elsewhere
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