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SciFest 2022 cancelled

About SciFest

SciFest - SciFest is an annual three day science festival for children in Uppsala with more than 8000 visitors.
Due to ongoing COVID complications and uncertainty, the university has decided to cancel this years SciFest, we hope to see you next year!

Young girl using a magnifying glass

The IT SciFest archive

Each year we participate in the Uppsala-based science festival "SciFest" and each year we have amazing workshops in a wide variety of subjects. We decided it was about time we had a way to show the history of our participation.

Image of a NAO robot.

SciFest 2021

Playing a game with a virtual robot - Social Robotics Lab

In this one-to-one activity, children will engage in an interactive game with a virtual robot. The goal of the game is to find a secret key hidden somewhere in a spaceship. The child and the robot will need to collaborate to find the key. The robot's name is Nikky, and it can communicate with people by using speech and facial expressions of emotion. This activity is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about robotic technology through an interactive game.

Find out more about their research on their website: Uppsala Social Robotics Lab

Find the cell - be a detective at the microscopy level - TissUUmaps

All cells in an individual have the same genetic code (DNA). The functions of a cell are determined by which genes are active, or read by and sent out from the cell nucleus as mRNA. If you look at cells through a microscope, you do not see much. But if you can see which mRNAs are in different places, you can also know which cells are there. We have built an interactive map, which works much like google maps. We call it TissUUmaps, and here we are going to play detectives!
Find out more about TissUUmaps on their website:TissUUmaps

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