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Department of Information Technology

Computing in the cloud

Here we will collect tips and information about our cloud computing resources.

More information about the Cloud infrastructure is found at

We are using and OpenStack-based cloud system from HPE with both vmware- and kvm-compute nodes.

Ubuntu 16 LTS

2017-07-10 - We don't recommend trying to use the Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS distribution as there are problems.
We recommend you use the ubuntu 18.04-image.

SSH to the new cloud machine

You will get a .pem-file when you get the new VM.
This should be put into your .ssh-folder and have a chmod of 400
The .ssh-folder should not have more than 700 either.


root@astrid:~# ls -al .ssh/astrid.pem 
-r-------- 1 astra772 it 1702 Feb 24 12:18 .ssh/astrid.pem

SSH to the cloudmachine with

ssh -i .ssh/FILENAME.pem USER@computer-with-public-ip

USER = the standard username you will get information about,
FILENAME.pem you have to replace with the name of your .pem-file and
computer-with-public-ip the IP you will get when you get your machine.

We recommend you create a new user for day-to-day-maintenance and create some ssh-keys too.
Make sure that this user can sudo. (visudo and edit or change groups accordingly).

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