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Department of Information Technology

Advanced Computer Architecture 2010: Assignments


  • Bonus assignment 1 (r691 and earlier): Equation 3 contains a stray unit. It should read A=2 * 2 ^ (m mod 4).
  • Lab 1 (r668 and earlier): Contains an incorrect path to the radix and multiply application. The correct paths are: ~/avdark/lab1/radix and ~/avdark/lab2/multiply
  • The Uppmax systems, like most modern Unix-systems, use a different character encoding (UTF-8) than the Sun systems at the department. You can switch configure your terminal to use UTF-8 by selecting it on the menu that pops up if you hold control and right click on the terminal.
  • Due to limitations in StudentPortalen, students who did not get a bonus on one of their optional assignments will see their status as "Work Pending". Note that you can't resubmit bonus assignments once they have been graded.
  • Lab 2 (r754 and earlier): The data variable in the tests was not declared as volatile in old versions of the source code. This causes the compiler to do some "illegal" optimizations and bad things will happen. If you started early with the lab, you might want to update the framework code.
  • Lab 2 (r755 and earlier): Task one in the manual for lab 2 contains a small typo. The command line should be './lab2 -t critical -c pthreads' and nothing else.
  • lab2_asm.h (r756 and earlier): The description for the return value of cmpxchg is wrong. The proper return value is 'old' on success and 'var' otherwise.
  • lab2_asm.h (r757 and earlier): New description for xchg. asm_atomic_xchg_voidp(void **a, void *b) only updates *a, the new value of b is returned by the function. All register management is taken care of by the compiler.
  • Lab 4 (r797 and earlier): Erroneous host name in SSH example. You should connect to and nothing else.
  • Lab 4 (r815 and earlier): Wrong caption on Listing 1, it uses unaligned accesses.

Office Hours

We are testing a system with office hours this year. That means that I'll be available, in my office (P1241), to answer questions about the labs and hand-ins between 13:00 and 14:30 on lab weeks and until 17:30 after the lab lecture. There are some slight variations due to scheduling issues, please check my calendar for details.

You are, of course, welcome to send questions by email or book an appointment if you want to setup a meeting outside of the published office hours.

Mandatory Labs

All labs are mandatory. You will earn extra credit for the exam if you finish the a lab during the lab session and complete the extra bonus tasks. Bonus credits for the exam will not be awarded to solutions handed in after the lab session.

Optional Assignments

The optional assignments will appear shortly before the first lecture in the block they belong to.

Handins assignments are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. You will get bonus on the exam if you hand in the assignments before deadline. There may be an oral examination on some of the handins.

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