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Department of Information Technology

AVDARK Slide's Page

The slides for 2012 will appear here prior to the lecture. Please note that the slides are designed to work well for teaching during the lectures.
The contents on the slides and the information revealed at lectures are regarded as course material, unless stated otherwise.

Typically, I will try to bring printouts of my slides to the first lecture of each subtopic (Memory, Multipro, CPUs and Widening...), but that all depends on how much spare time I can set aside, the hostile mode of the copiers and the phase of the moon. You may occasionally have to print them yourself...

Some slides may not be publicly available. In that case you need to download them from the department's network or login using you UpUnet-S ID.

Slides 2012 (1 slides per page)

Mid-course evaluation 2012
Intro and caches (EH)
Memory, VM and Optimizations (EH)
Coherent Multiprocessors (EH)
SMP Implementation and Scalability (EH)
VIPS protocol (SK)
Multicores (EH)
MP optimizations (EH)
CPU implementation (EH)
Future (EH)
The future according to HiPEAC

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