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Department of Information Technology


Rules regarding the assignments

  • The assignments must be solved in groups of at most 2.
  • Submit your solution by email to Stavros Aronis
  • The submission of an acceptable solution to an assignment earns you a passing (godkänd, G) grade for that assignment. Otherwise, you earn a fail (komplettering, K) grade for that assignment. To be acceptable, a solution must be complete, working, and have an appropriate layout.
  • Solutions that do not have an appropriate layout--indented as in examples, max 80 characters per line--will earn an immediate K.
  • The solution should include a brief report describing your solution. Explain how you arrived at your solution and how you use standard libraries. Describe different design decisions and motivate them. If any aspect of the assignment caused difficulties or required deliberation, or if you discovered an unexpected way to solve a subproblem, describe that too.
  • If you get a K grade for an assignment, the solution is not passed and you must submit an improved solution during the period where the course takes place.
  • All submitted solutions must be prepared by yourself and your partner: see the ethics rules of this course.
  • Students from previous years who have not collected all the G grades for their assignments should contact the instructor, with complete details about their case.
  • Always put your names on each file in your submission.

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