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Department of Information Technology

Computer Architecture 1, Fall 2012

(5hp, Period 2, 1DT038, Register for UU-11210)

Instructor: David Black-Schaffer (Office Hours: ?, P1240)
Teaching Assistant: Muneeb Khan (Office Hours: ?, P1549)
Textbook: "Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software Interface." Patterson and Hennesy. Revised 4th Edition, Morgan Kaufman 2007. (Earlier editions than the 4th edition do not contain the right material.)
Course Information: (in Swedish)

Goals: Describe function and construction of a computers components including control, memory and I/O system. Write simple assembly programs.
Contents: Von Neumann systems; RISC and CISC architectures; assembly programming; program execution and control; memory organization; I/O systems; CPU construction.
Teaching: Online lectures, (required) in-class practice problems, lab assignments, a final exam, and possibly quizzes.
Language: Lectures will be in English, but students are free to ask questions in Swedish.

More detailed information about the course is available in the Course Syllabus.

Note: Online lectures must be watched before the in-class practice sessions.
Note: Labs are due at midnight on the last date listed.
Note: Tutorial sessions should be watched before the lab starts.

Event Date
Intro Lecture 29 Oct
ISA 1 Lecture 31 Oct
SPIM Tutorial Before Lab 1
Lab 1 5 Nov to 11 Nov
ISA 2 Lecture 5 Nov
Arithmetic Lecture 7 Nov
LogicSim Tutorial Before Lab 2
Logic Lecture 12 Nov
Processor 1 Lecture 15 Nov
Lab 2 12 Nov to 18 Nov
Processor 2 Lecture 19 Nov
Processor 3 Lecture 21 Nov
Lab 3 19 Nov to 2 Dec
Processor 4 Lecture 27 Nov
I/O and Memory Lecture 29 Nov
Caches Lecture 4 Dec
Virtual Memory Lecture 6 Dec
Lab 4 3 Dec to 9 Dec
Parallelism Lecture 10 Dec
Roofline Lecture 11 Dec
Lab 5 10 Dec to 16 Dec
Review 14 Dec


Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 1b: Introduction to Execution

Please see the class website for more details.

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