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Department of Information Technology

Datakom II home assignments


The following applies to both assignments.

One important goal with the assignments is to exercise your problem solving skills. Therefore, there is no scheduled supervision time and you will complete the assignment in independent groups. You are encouraged to seek solutions yourselves by utilizing the listed resources or through your own ingenuity.

However, if you have tried hard to figure out your problem but still fail, you may resort to the following proceedure to acquire help:

1. Email Erik Nordström stating your problem. To ensure that your email is read, please start, depending on the assignment, the email's subject line with "DK2tftp:" or "DK2sim:", respectively.
2. If your problem cannot be solved via email, you may via the same email proceedure request a time for supervision.

Updated  2006-04-12 16:08:13 by Erik Nordström.