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Department of Information Technology

Computer Networks III

Fall 2007

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15/1 The final grades are now available on the internal page.

14/12 The paper and project presentations will take place December 18, 13:30 - 15:00 in Pol_1245.

20/11. On the exam: Problem 2.1b) In the diagram there is a loss of ACK on the cable side. The loss should be on the wireless side.

20/11 The 24h take home exam is now available at the Internal home page and it has also been mailed to the course participants.

8/11 There is only one seminar and it is on Wireless Sensor Networks. You do not need to register for the seminar, but it is mandatory to participate. See Seminars page for additional information on the student presentations.

26/10 The registration to the course is now closed.

26/10 The take home exam will preliminary be scheduled to Nov 20-21.

26/10 There are five course books available at the Studentbokhandeln.

25/10 The course internal web page with lecture notes is now available. You need to authenticate with your student id.

23/10 If you decide to drop the course, please send an email to The course registration will be deleted if you drop the course within three weeks from course start. Otherwise the record will show "Avbrott på kurs" (Disrupted Course).

9/10 The course will start October 24, 08:15, Room 1245, (House 1, Polacksbacken.) Note that you need to attend this lecture if you intend to take the course. If you can not attend you need to contact the instructor.

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