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Department of Information Technology

Welcome to the course in functional programming, 2011.

During Lecture 7 I will conduct a mid-course evaluation.

The course starts Tuesday the 30th of August, 15.15, lecture room 1245.

More information will be added to this page.

Old exams

I added an exam from last year.


Either of the following textbooks is suitable:

  • Michael R. Hansen and Hans Rischel: Introduction to Programming using SML. Addison-Wesley, 1999
  • Lawrence C. Paulson: ML for the Working Programmer, second edition. Cambridge University Press, 1996
  • Jeffrey D. Ullman: Elements of ML Programming, second edition. Prentice Hall, 1997


Slides and suggested readings.

Notes for Lecture 10 are available. Please note that this is the final lecture. The lecture that was scheduled October 10 is cancelled.

I added exercises for Lecture 6.

Program examples

Programs. Programs presented in lectures.


Assignments and labs.

Assignment 4 is available.

PLEASE NOTE: I accidentally linked to the wrong page. The questions regarding environments etc will be part of the fourth assignment. Assignment 3 includes a question on tail recursion.

Please note the requirement: "Your file must compile and execute [...]".


Links. Links to SML/NJ and Emacs.


The course page of this course, last year. You can find earlier courses here


You can reach me on on email:

Sven-Olof Nyström

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