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Department of Information Technology

High Performance Computing and Programming, Winter 07, 1TT477, 1TD369

Welcome to the course "High Performance Computing and Programming"!


Sverker Holmgren (Room 2313)

Teaching Assistant

Salman Toor (Room 2303)

Post boxes are on MIC level 2, house 2


For further reading see More litterature and Links in the menu on the left.


Compulsory assignments and laborations. To get a higher grade, an optional writen exam can be taken.

Course Details

This course will be using the PingPong LMS system. To log on to the course, use this link:

Log on to PingPong

NOTE: To be able to use PingPong, you need an Upunet-S account (Password A). PingPong uses the Upunet-S email adress ( for communication with the course participants.

Some information will be replicated on this page, see the menu on the left or below.

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