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Department of Information Technology

High Performance Computing and Programming, VT08, 1TT477, 1TD379

Welcome to the course "High Performance Computing and Programming"!

NOTE: New lecture rooms. Update you schedule or look into Lectures to the left
NOTE: PingPong is now up and running. Check your UpUnet-S email


Henrik Löf (Room 2451)
Sverker Holmgren (Room 2312)

Teaching Assistant

Salman Toor (Room 2303)

Post boxes are on MIC level 2, house 2


For further reading see More literature and Links in the menu on the left.


Compulsory assignments and laborations. To get a higher grade, an optional writen exam can be taken.

Course Details

This course will be using the PingPong LMS system. To log on to the course, use this link:

Log on to PingPong

NOTE: To be able to use PingPong, you need an Upunet-S account (Password A). PingPong uses the Upunet-S email adress ( for communication with the course participants.

Some information will be replicated on this page, see the menu on the left or below.

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