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Department of Information Technology

Old News

  • 2012/03/20: The lecture on Wednesday 21st is 13:15 - 15:00, Pol_1311
  • 2012/03/19: A modification to this week's schedule: the solutions to assignment 6 will not be shown on Monday 19th, but on Wednesday 21st (time/place tba); no lecture/exercise is going to take place on Monday. NB: the deadline for submitting solutions is still Monday 19th, 13:15. Updates on the elevator lab soon.
  • 2012/03/07: Today's lecture marks the end of the first half of the course. Since next week is an exam week, there won't be any course-related events in this week. What happens next is:
    • There is a COURSE EVALUATION for the first half of the course (anonymous). Please log in to the student portal, as soon as possible (at least before March 19), and let us know what you think about the course so far.
    • The second half of the course is project-based. The procedure and project options will be presented on March 21 (time will be announce on this page). What you should do right away is to decide which group you want to work in (each group should consist of 3-4 students), and sign up for groups on the student portal.
    • The deadline for the 6th home assignment is March 19.
    • You will get further feedback for your elevator lab solutions this week, and might then have to submit a revised version of your solution.
  • 2012/03/07: Results for the 4th home assignment are now on the student portal. Corrected copies will be available at today's lecture, and later next to the printer house 1, 4th floor.
  • 2012/03/04: Since we are still busy with the correction of the elevator lab solutions, the deadline for submission of revised solutions has been extended to March 12th.
  • 2012/03/04: The 6th home assignment is now online
  • 2012/02/24: The 5th home assignment is now online
  • 2012/02/23: There won't be any lab session tomorrow. First correction of the elevator lab will be available beginning of next week.
  • 2012/02/23: Results for the 3rd home assignment are now on the student portal.
  • 2012/02/22: Results for the 2nd home assignment are now on the student portal.
  • 2012/02/22: As you hopefully have noticed, the 4th home assignment is online (since a few days back). We apologise for the late news entry
  • 2012/02/08: Results for the first assignment are now on the student portal. In the portal, we use the following "codes" when reporting the progress with assignments:
Code Explanation
"Not participated" assignment not handed in
"Completed" handed in, 12 points were achieved
"Work pending" handed in, less than 12 points

This was necessary since the case "handed in, but not passed" is apparently not considered in the portal. "Work pending" does not mean that you have to do any further work for the assignments.

  • 2012/02/02: the third assignment is now online. You have two weeks to submit solutions for this assignment
  • 2012/01/31: put the elevator lab online. A brief introduction to the lab will be given in the lecture on Wednesday
  • 2012/01/30: the lecture on Tuesday, Jan 31st, is cancelled
  • 2012/01/26: the second assignment is now online
  • 2012/01/19: the first assignment is now online
  • 2012/01/19: please note that there are no lab or exercise sessions this week, although the sessions turn up in the schedule of the course (in TimeEdit)
  • Lecture on Wednesday, Jan 18th is in Pol_1212
  • First version of the webpage online

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