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Department of Information Technology

Course overview

This course in VT 2013 provides a background on programming for embedded systems and microcontrollers. The course focusses on software aspects and covers issues related to the programming within Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS). In the beginning we will focus on the C Programming Language but later in the course we might also look at ohter languages like RT JAVA (to be continued (tbc).
The course runs through the whole spring 2012 and consists of

  • Part 1 (January - March): lectures, exercises, and labs on programmingESs;
  • Part 2 (March - May): project on implementing embedded systems.

After taking this course, students will ...

  • understand which features and properties of OSs are relevant for real-time and embedded systems
  • be able to implement embedded applications with the help of RTOSs
  • be able to select RTOSs and programming languages that are suitable for particular embedded systems projects
  • be able to test and debug embedded software
  • tbc

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