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Department of Information Technology


  • Assignments are done by students individually.
  • Several students handing in the same assignment solution will be considered as cheating, and reported accordingly.
  • Each assignment solution will be corrected by us, and given a grade between 0 points and 20 points.
  • To pass the course, it is necessary to achieve at least 60 points and to have at least 8 points for each of the 6 assignments.

This is an indicative layout and subject to changes

Assignment No. Topic / Material Deadline
Warmup exercises C Programming -
Assignment 1 Scheduling and Queues 6th February 2015
Assignment 2 Priority Inversion 15th February 2015
Assignment 3 Timers and Interrupts 22nd February 2015
Assignment 4 (tutorial) Device Driver Programming 1st March 2015
Assignment 5 Arithmetic and Testing 8th March 2015
Assignment 6 Matlab Simulink
Supplemental assignment Memory Mangement 12th April 2015

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