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Department of Information Technology

Course overview

  • This course provides a background on programming for embedded systems and micro-controllers. The course focuses on software aspects and covers issues related to the programming within Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS). We will focus on the C Programming Language, Free-RTOS, Linux the Keil micro Vision Studio (ARM MDK 5) and an ST-Microelectronics Developer Board with an ARM CORTEX M3 processor.
  • The course runs through the whole spring 2015 and consists of
  • Part 1 (January - March): lectures, exercises, and labs on programming ES;
  • Part 2 (April - May): project on implementing embedded systems on a developer board.

Lecturing is organised in 4 blocks.


After taking this course, students will ...

  • understand which features and properties of OSs are relevant for real-time and embedded systems
  • be able to implement embedded applications with the help of Free-RTOS and Linux
  • write a device driver and do Kernel-space programming
  • be able to test and debug embedded software
  • be able to model and simulate an embedded application with SIMULINK
  • ......

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