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Department of Information Technology

Real-Time Systems, HT 2018

Exam questions from previous years are online now!

Welcome to this course! On this page you can find general information.

Course Details

Version 1DT063-H18-11203 (5hp): Follow the basic topics, do labs 1 and 3, take the exam.
Version 1DT004-H18-11202 (10hp): Follow all topics, do all labs, take the exam.

Lab assistant


The lectures and slides of the course are mostly self-contained. For further reading, the following books can be consulted.


The slides used in the lectures will be made available during the course
and linked on the schedule page.

Course start

Wednesday, Spetember 5 at 13.15 in room 1311, MIC.


Tue, 2018-10-23

Your performance in the course is examined by a written exam in the end of the course; more information on the exam will be provided in due time.

Note: In order to pass the course, you need to pass the exam and all lab assignments.

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Don't hesitate with feedback to the course (remarks, questions, etc. regarding website, slides, labs, etc.). Questions that might be relevant for all students can be posted in the discussion forum on the student portal.

You can also reach us by using the following quick feedback form:

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