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Department of Information Technology

Lab 3: Response Time Analysis using FpsCalc


See also the lab introduction slides.

Assignment Goals

The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to practice the theories about response time analysis. The assignment will be focusing on the Rate Monotonic (RM) and Fixed Priority Schedulability (FPS) analyses. It will also cover how to take into account factors like blocking and jitter in the analysis.

Working in Groups

Solve this assignment in your groups. All students participating in the group shall be able to describe all parts of the solution.

Report Hand-in

The report must consist of the following:

  1. Answers to the all parts of this assignment with relevant diagrams,
  2. Informative listings of test run in FpsCalc.

Submit your report via Studentportalen no later than Thursday, 11th Oct., 08:00 am.

Note: Please make sure pictures and diagrams used in your answers are clear. Also, provide direct answers to the questions (i.e., don't write "see foo.fps for equation").


You find the detailed assignment description in assignment.pdf. Use a PDF viewer to read and print it.

Further information about how to run the tools FpsCalc is provided on the FpsCalc page. Note that the path information in the documents on that page may be out of date.

Unix/Linux distribution: fpscalc_linux.tar.gz
Documentation : fpscalc.pdf
Example file : one_system_example.fps

If you are sitting at a Linux machine of the lab 1515 then you can download the fpscalc_linux package and extract it in a folder.

Place your formula file (.fps) in the extracted folder fpscalc_linux and then you can execute FpsCalc
by typing following command in shell:

./fpscalc < your_program.fps
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