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Department of Information Technology

Automatic control II

Course material to download

1 General information

Contents and schedule pdf.

Reading instructions pdf.

General rules for students' work pdf.

2 Course material


LQ control of the seesaw pendululm process pdf.
Model predictive control of the tank process pdf.

Computer laboratories

Complab1 pdf.
Complab2 pdf.
Complab3 pdf.

The m-files can be found in the G:\program\systemteknik\regtek2\complabs folder in the PC-labs.


3 Homework assignments

Homeworks pdf.

4 OH slides

Introduction pdf.
Linear systems pdf.
Sampled-data systems pdf.
Disturbances pdf.
Control design pdf.

5. Other background material

Errata for the textbook, first edition pdf.
Control vocabulary MS Word,
Litet linjär algebra pdf,
Tillståndsåterkoppling pdf,
Störningar som stokastiska processer pdf,
Matlab Control system toolbox och LTI-objekt pdf,

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