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Department of Information Technology

Automatic control II

Old exams

Some old exams in Automatic control II

Automatic control II, October 2010 Exam and Solutions

Some old exams in Control design

The course Automatic control II is new and given for the first time fall 2010. It is though a subset of a previous course, Control design (which covered also some additional chapters in the textbook).

Below it is indicated which of the given problems that are relevant for the course Automatic control II.

Control design, December 2004 Exam and Solutions
Problems 3, 4, 6

Control design, December 2005 Exam and Solutions
Problems 1, 3, 4, 5

Control design, December 2006 Exam and Solutions
Problems 1, 6

Reglerteknisk design, december 2007 tenta och lösningsförslag
Problems 1 (not part d), 2, 6

Control design, December 2008 Exam and Solutions
Problem 3

Control design, December 2009 Exam and Solutions
Problems 2, 5, 6

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