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Department of Information Technology


This course uses continuous examination. Instead of one big final exam, there will be group assignments.

These are done in groups of 3 students, and of course all three should participate actively in the work. Hand-ins should be either on paper using a signed cover page, or (preferrably) using signed email using a trusted key/cert. The deadlines for handins are strict. Handins give score, not G/U: thus no "komplettering"/"completions". Handins represent parts of what would have been the big final exam.

Each assignment will have a maximum score related to the amount of time you should have spent studying. The sum of your score will give your grade for each block. (Note the extra requirement for top grade on full course, below.)

Your handins will sometimes be examined orally: be prepared to explain and defend your solutions in person.

Basic block and extension block

The course is split in two parts (exam codes). Each of these must be passed to pass the course.

  • A basic block, 2 course credits, including the first lab
  • An extension block, 3 course credits, including:
    • The second lab
    • A report (5-10 pages) on a chosen subject, and an oral presentation during the course. Details about format, subjects etc will be announced. This item is mandatory to get a top grade (5) on the course as a whole.
To pass (3)
you need 50% of the score for each of the two blocks
To get a 4
you need to pass, and have 65% of the total max score
To get a 5
you need to pass, and have 80% of the total max score, and pass the report and presentation.


If you fail a block, you will get additional assignments on the relevant subjects during the spring/summer. Hand-out and hand-in dates will be announced later.

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