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Department of Information Technology

Course overview

Below you can see the general structure of the course. Note that the notes linked are intended for me as a lecturer and are not a complete account of what I said during the lecture, or of what parts of the course book is necessary to pass the examination.

  1. Introduction and overview [chapters 1-2] [B]
  2. Identification and authentication [chapter 3] [B]
  3. Cryptology overview [chapter 11] [B]
  4. Access control [chapter 4] [B]
  5. Reference monitors [chapter 5] [B]
  6. Security models part 1 (slides) and part 2 (slides) [chapters 8-9] [B]
  7. Software security [chapter 14] [E]
  8. "New" Access Control paradigms [chapter 15] [E]
  9. Distributed systems security [chapter 12] [E]
  10. Network security [chapter 13] [E]
  11. Unix & Windows security [chapter 6-7] [E]
  12. Anonymity & privacy [extra material] [E] (if time permits)
  • Small project with written and oral presentation, on a more narrow subject of your choice. [E]

Guest lecture material

Here are the slides from Patrik Sternudd's guest lecture on Feb 24. Patrik also informs you that Kevin Mitnick wrote a couple of books, including "The art of deception" which illustrates how social engineering works. The "Christmas day" attack is described in detail at

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