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Department of Information Technology

Focus assignment: written PM and oral presentation

The final assignment is to select a topic which is not (fully) treated in the course, study it, and write a short report (PM) which is then presented orally to the other students. The work spent should correspond to 1-2 days (roughly 6-12 hours).

The assignment should be done in groups of up to 3 people. If you have worked in smaller groups so far, please try to form groups of 3! This will allow more time for each presentation.


  • Of course, you should learn the topic (better) by doing this assignment.
  • Your fellow students should learn something from your presentation.
  • You should get practice writing about, and presenting, what you have learnt.
  • Ideally, you should have fun doing this!
1.1. Score

The max score for the PM and presentation will correspond to approximately 15% of the max total, and will count towards the block most appropriate for your content (normally the extension block).


See the topic list for suggestions and ideas.

  • You must decide on a topic at least one week before your seminar
  • Discuss the topic and focus with Björn before deciding.
  • Bear in mind the format of the written and oral presentation when selecting the extent (omfattning) of the material you intend to cover (e.g. don't cover a too wide topic: focus on some aspect).

Format: written PM

Write at least 3-4 pages (and absolutely no more than 10 pages).

  • Intended reader: a fellow student on the course. Assume the reader has basic knowledge of the material covered by the course. Do not assume expert knowledge. The depth and scope of the PM will be a basis for grading.
  • Structure: you should not write a full essay, but
    • describe what the subject of your PM is
    • describe the aspect you have studied (e.g. the problem/solution)
    • describe what you have learnt (i.e. what you hope the reader has learnt after reading it)
    • include references to material you have used or quoted
  • Language:
    • English or Swedish, with a preference for English (a majority of the students don't understand Swedish).
  • Format:
    • Plain text, Postscript, or PDF. Please avoid Word and RTF, as the result of reading such documents in other versions/implementations is unpredictable and may not work. (If you have problems converting to e.g. PDF, ask for help.)
    • Use 10-12 point type size and normal margins - the reader should have some room for notes and comments.
  • Note that the structure of your PM and your treatment of the language are also examined. Do a real effort to make the PM readable and understandable, avoiding spelling and grammar errors.
3.1. Deadline

Please hand in your PM to Björn no later than the morning of the day before your seminar.

Format: oral presentation

You will have approximately 20 minutes for your presentation, depending on the number of groups presenting the same day. The exact time limits will be announced in good time, and will be strict.

All group members must participate actively and equally (approximately). After your presentation, there will be a short time for questions from Björn and Ioana, and (I hope) from the other students.

4.1. Language

English or Swedish, with a preference for English (for the benefit of the non-Swedish students).

4.2. Equipment
  • Several blackboards
  • An overhead projector for transparent slides
  • A computer projector
4.3. Advice
  • Be prepared: plan what you want to say, don't invent everything on the spot.
  • Don't plan to say everything you have written - there is probably not time.
  • Make sure the main points get across to the audience (see "Structure" of written PM, except references of course).
  • Do a practice run to check the timing.
  • DON'T PANIC! Don't be over-ambitious, and don't be nervous, we are all in the same boat (or have been) Smiling smiley

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