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Department of Information Technology

Application, admission, registration

Applying for courses

At Uppsala University website you can find general information about application for next semester.

Who needs to apply for courses? All students must apply to all courses, even though they are within the programme.

Key dates and deadlines

  • October 16 Application deadline.
  • December 11 Selection results for 1st round.
  • December 18 Last day to reply.

How do I apply as a:

Late application (not for exchange students)

It may be possible to apply for courses even after the deadline. Late applicants are admitted if there are places left after the regular admission is completed. It will be possible to make a late application from December 15.

Programme syllabuses and study plans
It is important that you keep updated about the outline of your programme syllabuses.

Registration and removal of registration

Please note, that in all e-mail contact with us, state your name, person number and the course it concerns.


We use web registration via Ladok for all our courses.

By using web registration you confirm that you intend to take the course.

Web registration can be done between the dates presented once you have logged in to the Student portal. You can also find the dates on your second letter of admission.

If you are admitted with a condition, the student counsellors will check your background. If everything looks good you will be registered, if not, the counsellor will contact you.

As a student here you need a student account (UpUnet-S-konto), there are four different ways to apply for it, read how open up an account here.

It is not possible to register at the first gathering for the course, we only accept online registrations. If you are unable to register online, contact our student counsellors.

Removal of registration

If you want to deregister you must report to the Student Office IMMEDIATELY!.

As important as it is to register to courses you take, as important is it to ask us to remove your registration, if you change your mind about taking the course.

If you terminate your studies within three weeks after the course has started, we will remove your registration and you will be able to apply to the course again. If you terminate your studies after three weeks after the course started, you cannot get any results reported for the course and you cannot apply to the course again.

If you want to take the course later on, talk to a student counsellor. In case the class isn't full, it is possible to remove the note and you can re-register for the course.

How to Register

  • You need to have an UpUnet-S-account to be able to register in Ladok. There you can see which courses you've been admitted to and between which dates it is possible to register.
  • Re-registration - If you haven't finished a course and wish to re-register - please e-mail the Student Office (IT-kansliet). Please note that re-registrations are only possible as far as space allows.
  • Exchange students: After checking with our exchange student coordinator that you are accepted to the course, then you register in the Student Portal. If this for some reason isn't possible, contact our exchange student coordinator again.
  • If you have any questions, please e-mail the Student Office (IT-kansliet).
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