Pairs and groups

To pass the course you must take part in the mandatory examination. To take part in the code grading examination you must be part of a student pair. To be part of the examination seminars and case study presentation you must be part of a group.


For the programming assignments you will work in pairs of two students. Two students can agree to create a pair or you can choose to be put in i a pool of students from which pairs will be created randomly.

Make your choice in the Student portal

Make your choice by visiting the OS or OSPP course page in the Student portal. Under the section Pairs and groups you find the page Pairs where you can sign up to a pair. If you retake the course or dropped the course, join one of the following groups accordingly.

  • I retake the course and will only do the seminars and/or case study presentation this year.
  • I retake the course and will only do the final written exam this year.
  • I’ve dropped the course.


You must sign up to a pair no later than Tuesday January 21, 10:00.


Three random pairs will merge to form a group with six students. This group will be used for workshops, seminars and and the case study presentation.

OSPP project groups

For the OSPP (1DT096) project in period 4, new groups of 6 students will be formed by the teaching staff.