The department Linux system

The department Linux system runs Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS using the gnome-flashback desktop environment with the Numix desktop theme.

The Only fully supported platform

Since there might be minor variations among various Linux distributions, the only fully supported platform for tutorials and programming assignments is the department Ubuntu Linux System.

  • All provided source code have been developed and tested on the department Ubuntu Linux system.
  • All written instructions target the the department Ubuntu Linux system.

You will most likely be able to use any major Linux distributions and follow the provided instructions and use the provided source code with no or only minor adjustments.

Linux user account

It is not enough to have an activated student account at Uppsala University. To access the department Linux system a separate Linux account must be activated.

  • If you dont’t have a working Linux account, visit room 4118b in building 4 at MIC to request a new account.


You log in using the credentials for your student account at Uppsala university:

  • Username
  • Password A

Known problems

A list of know problems with the department Linux system and workarounds.