Private computer

Since there might be minor variations among various Linux distributions, the only fully supported platform for tutorials and programming assignments is the department Ubuntu Linux System.

  • All provided source code have been developed and tested on the department Ubuntu Linux system.
  • All written instructions target the the department Ubuntu Linux system.

If you wish to use your private computer for the tutorials and programming assignments there are a few options.


If you have a fairly modern version of Linux installed you will most likely be able to work on the tutorials and programming assignments without any trouble.

Mac OS X

If you plan to use Mac OS X you will most likely be able to do so with out much trouble. But, there may be minor differences between Linux and Mac OS X that requires you to make minor adjustments.


If you plan to use Windows for the problem sets you must be prepared to sort out all sorts of issues on your own. You are most likely much better off installing Linux.

The Windows subsystem for Linux

If you are using Windows 10 you could try out the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) that lets developers run Linux environments – including most command-line tools, utilities, and applications – directly on Windows, unmodified, without the overhead of a virtual machine. More information about WSL including instructions for installing WSL on Windows 10 can be found here.


If you don’t want to install Linux on your computer, you can try to install VirtualBox and run a virtual Linux machine.

This tutorial will cover how to install VirtualBox and set up your first virtual machine, show you how to get Ubuntu and prepare for installation, and walk you through an installation of Ubuntu.