Code grading

Mandatory code grading

During the mandatory code grading sessions for module 1 each pair will meet with one member of the teaching staff for a 15 minute code grading session. During the code grading you will present and discuss your solution to the module 1 mandatory assignment. A working solution is not enough. During the code grading you must show that you understand the concepts used in the assignment and that you can explain how your solution works.


You will be graded fail or pass (3) individually.

Retake code grading

If you fail the mandatory code grading for the mandatory assignment you must attend the retake code grading session for module 1 and no longer has the opportunity to get a higher grade than pass (3) for the module 1 assignment.

Higher grade code grading

If you pass the mandatory code grading for module 1 you have the opportunity to solve the optional higher grade assignment and present your solution during the higher grade code grading session for module 1.

No matter if one or both students in the pair qualify or choose to attend the higher grade code grading, you will always be scheduled using the pair number for the higher grade code grading.


During the higher grade code grading you will always be graded individually, that is, students in a pair may receive different grades (3, 4 or 5).

Detailed schedules

In the detailed code grading schedules below you can see when and where your group will meet for the seminar.

Be ready 15 minutes early

Each pair should be ready outside the Linux lab 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot. If a pair is late, one of the early pairs will take their place.


You may bring your private laptop for the code grading or you may use the department Linux system.