Exam registration

In order to take 2020-03-19 exam you must register through the Ladok no later than 12 days before the date of examination. The last date to register is 2020-03-07.

Don't forget to register

Students who don’t register in time will not be able to take the exam.


The administration of all formal written examinations is conducted by anonymous methods. This is just one of the ways the university ensures that all students are treated equally and fairly. When registering, you will receive a code that you use instead of your name or civic registration number.

Digital exam

The exam will be a digital exam (e-exam) where you write your exam on a computer provided by the university in the exam hall.

Password A

When you are going to take an e-exam it is important that you know your password A, i.e. the password you use for the Student Portal. You use your student account and password A both for logging in to the computer and to log in to the exam.

Inspera Assessment

The exam will be using the Inspera Assessment system. Read more about Inspera Assessment here. There is a demo exam that you can take any number of times. You find it by logging in to where you choose the tab Demo tests.

Closed book exam

The final written exam is a closed book exam. You are not allowed to bring any books, notes, calculators, computers, cell phones or other devices.

Multiple choice questions

The majority of the problems in the exam will be multiple choice problems. For each such problem there is a single correct answer or a single true statement.

Choose the best answer

If you think there are more than one correct answer, choose the best answer. Based on the context and what has been presented during the course, use your judgement to select the best answer.

Free text questions

There might be a few questions where you must answer in writing, you may answer in English or Swedish. Do your best to write short and clear answers. Ambiguous answers will result in 0 (zero) points. Unreadable answers will result in 0 (zero) points. Only give one answer to each problem if not explicitly asked to provide more than one answer.

State any assumptions

If you suspect that something in a question is wrong, make a reasonable assumption of what is wrong or missing and write down this assumption as close to the question as possible.


The maximum score on the exam is 45.0 points.

Grade 3
To pass the exam (grade 3) you must score at least 60 % (27 pts).
Grade 4
For grade 4 you must score at least 75 % (34 pts).
Grade 5
For grade 5 you must score at least 90 % (40.5 pts).

The grade on the final written exam is one part of the equation used to calculate the final grade on the whole course.


Due to the Covid-19 situation the above information is no longer valid. Se the Covid-19 section below for updated information.


Due to the Covid-19 situation the e-exam Thursday 2020-03-19, 08:00 - 13:00 will no longer take place at the exam hall (Bergsbrunnagatan 15, Sal 2). Instead, you will do the same e-exam, at the same date and time from home using your private computer.

This means that you must have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with Internet connection when you take the e-exam from home.

The exam was originally designed to be conducted individually in the exam hall, but you will now do the e-exam from home. It is obviously preferable if everyone works individually without accessing slides or other resources. But since there is no way for us to control or enforce thist, let alone restrict access to different sources of information, we will instead make the exam more of a learning opportunity where you need to answer more questions correctly than was previously the case and thus you probably learn something during the exam itself. The e-exam will therefore no longer be graded with fail, 3, 4 5 but with fail, pass.

  • Since you can research the questions any way you like the bar for passing has been raised quite substantially.
  • To pass the e-exam you must score at least 80 %, i.e, at least score 36 points of the maximal 45 points.
  • The exam now becomes more of a final learning opportunity.
  • As a consequence, the formula for the final course grade will no longer include the e-exam.

If you are worried how this will affect your final grade on the course, remember that this is an extra ordinary situation and we all have to adapt quickly to these new circumstances and that we do this in order to help fighting the spreading of the Corona virus.