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Department of Information Technology

Energy Efficient Computing (EEC14)

Start date: Week 13, 2014
ECTS credits: 5
Course period: Quarter 4, 2014
Maximum number of participants: 10-20
Apply before: Week 13, 2014

Contact person: Stefanos Kaxiras or Magnus Själander

Aim of course

The course will cover state of the art techniques for improved energy efficiency of computer systems. The course will be organized as a program committee where each week a set of articles will be assigned to students that will write reviews and present the papers.


  • Added summary of course evaluation
  • The remaining articles to be covered in this course has been added to EasyChair
  • Schedule for the last three meetings are now decided.
  • The seventh meeting will be held on Friday 9/5 at 13:15 in room 4306.
  • The sixth meeting will be held on Friday 5/5 at 13:15 in room 4306.
  • The fifth meeting will be held on Friday 25/4 at 13:15 in room 4306.
  • The fourth meeting will be held on Wednesday 16/4 at 15:15 in room 4308.
  • The third meeting is schedule on Friday 11/14 at 13:15 in 1406. The assignment of articles to read for the meeting has been done.
  • The second meeting is scheduled on Friday 4/4 at 10:15 in 4308.
  • Assignments of articles for the second meeting have been done and reviews are to be entered into EasyChair on Thursday (3/4) at the latest.
  • Assignments of articles for the first meeting have been done and reviews are to be entered into EasyChair on Thursday (27/3) at the latest.
  • The first meeting has been scheduled for Friday, March 28.
  • EasyChair will be used for the review process and if you haven't gotten an invitation to become a PC member then send a mail to Magnus Själander. If you have gotten a mail inviting you to be a PC member you need to accept the invitation and create an EasyChair account in case you do not already have one.


Date Activity Room
27/3 Deadline for review 1
28/3 14:00 Meeting 1 4306
3/4 Deadline for review 2
4/4 10:15 Meeting 2 4308
10/4 Deadline for review 3
14/4 10:15 Meeting 3 4308
15/4 Deadline for review 4
16/4 15:15 Meeting 4 4308
24/4 Deadline for review 5
25/4 13:15 Meeting 5 4306
4/5 Deadline for review 6
5/5 13:15 Meeting 6 4306
8/5 Deadline for review 7
9/5 13:15 Meeting 7 4306
18/5 Deadline for review 8
19/5 13:15 Meeting 8 4306
25/5 Deadline for review 9
26/5 13:15 Meeting 9 4306
1/6 Deadline for review 10
2/6 13:15 Meeting 10 4306

Course Evaluation

Question Scale 1 2 3 4 5 %
What is your overall impression of the course Poor/great 0 0 1 5 5 84
I believe the contents of the course will be useful in my research Unlikely/likely 0 1 1 4 5 80
I believe the contents of the course will be useful in my future career Unlikely/likely 0 0 0 7 4 84
My background knowledge was Insufficient/sufficient 0 2 6 1 2 57
The difficulty of the course was at a good level Disagree/agree 0 0 1 2 8 91
The course was well organized Disagree/agree 0 0 0 2 9 95
The discussions were informative Disagree/agree 0 0 1 5 5 84
The covered material gave a good overview of the area (One blank form) Disagree/agree 0 0 2 3 5 83
Would you recommend the course to your colleagues No/yes 0 - - - 11 100


  • Sometimes (for some papers) the required background knowledge in hardware was necessary.
  • Regarding the discussions it varied a lot for different papers. Some of them were really interesting whereas others were not very exciting. Overall, it was sometimes hard to get a good idea about a paper just from reviews and discussions.

What did you like most about the course?

  • Very good papers have been selected
  • Very useful and professional discussions in meetings
  • Organization and meetings
  • It covered several topics about energy efficiency
  • Reading and reviewing papers regularly makes me understand much of this area
  • Discussions was the most important part
  • Evaluation/reviews of the papers
  • I liked very much the methodology and how the course was organized
  • The simulation of the PC meeting was great and a great way to learn
  • I got to leant a lot about the state of art in energy efficient computing
  • The format of the course was also interesting and new to me
  • For me it was useful to get an overview of what current architecture research is about
  • It is good to get and insight into how papers are written in a different field than the one where I am doing research
  • The course is organized as a conference and each participant can be a reviewer
  • Using EasyChair was a good idea

What could be changed/improved in the course?

  • It would be better if the students that reviewed a paper made some questions about the paper and let others answer them. This way all students have a minimum familiarity with all papers discussed during every meeting
  • More time between classes so that there is time to go through all papers
  • The course was too dense
  • On average the quality of the papers was very high and provided an excellent perspective of the topic. Still there are a few that should be replaced
  • Maybe the discussions were unbalanced sometimes. Some participants remained quiet most of the time and the participation can be split more evenly
  • Perhaps it would be possible to make more of the reviewer-based system. If discussions were based more closely on reviews it would be an opportunity to get feedback on and improve one's reviewing skills
  • Teacher can summarize more for each paper and make connection between papers to show a wide view
  • Domain can be extended with few papers related to embedded or cloud computing
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