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Automatic Control

The research in automatic control has a wide variation and includes both pure theory, and some various applications.

The research projects are/were supported by the Swedish Research Council, MISTRA, Jernkontoret, and Volvo.

Senior researchers

Bengt Carlsson, Alexander Medvedev, Torsten Söderström, Torbjörn Wigren

PhD students

Tatiana Chistiakova


Past projects

Some achievements

  • Graduated PhD's in automatic control include Linda Brus, Mats Ekman, Magnus Evestedt, Björn Halvarsson, Peter Nauclér, Claes Olsson, Pär Samuelsson, Maria Werlefors.
  • Previous group members in automatic control include Kjell Nordström (senior lecturer), Carl-Fredrik Lindberg (PhD exam), Anders Malmgren (PhD exam), Niclas Björsell (lic exam).
  • A textbook has been written, and is well recieved: T. Söderström: Discrete-time Stochastic Systems. First edition: Prentice-Hall International, Hemel Hempstead, UK, 1994. Second edition: Springer-Verlag, London, 2002.
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