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Algorithms and data structures I (1DL210), 2013: Assignments

General rules

There will be four assignments, with a maximum score of 10 assignment points each. To pass the mandatory assignment part of the course (worth 1 credit point), you must aquire a total of at least 24 assignment points. Every assignment point above the mandatory 24 translates into 0.5 bonus points on the written exam. This means that if you get a perfect score on every assignment, you'll have 8 bonus points for the exam. The exam is 100 points.

Each assignment is to be solved in pairs. If you want to solve any assignment individually, you must first ask Jari Stenman. General discussions with other course mates is ok, but any solution handed in must be produced by the group. Your solution must be typed up on a computer and handed in as a PDF document. Make sure your mathematical formulae are neatly layouted (for example, using LaTeX). Do NOT hand in mathematical formulae in plain text. A short example of how to use LaTeX on the Unix system can be found here: A (Very) Short LaTeX Example. You can of course use any program that typesets mathematical formulae nicely.


Problems that require programming should be handed in with thoroughly documented source code, and step-by-step instructions for running the program on the Unix system. You are essentially free to use whatever language you want, as long at it runs on the Unix system.

Handing in

Hand in your assignments using Studentportalen. When you log in and navigate to this course, there should be an appropriately named file area for each assignment, where you should post your solution. Only one of you has to hand in. Assignments that are handed in late, or otherwise don't comply to the rules stated above, will not be graded. By handing in, you promise that you prepared the solution yourselves, with no excessive collaboration with other groups. You should also be able to explain any part of the solution individually upon request.

Checklist for handing in assignments

Make sure that your answer is yes to all questions below before handing in. Failure to do so will give you 0 points.

  • Is the assignment in PDF format?
  • Are any mathematical formulas nicely formatted, for example, not using ^ for exponentiation?
  • Did you follow the instructions in the section of the assignment named Instructions?
  • Is the document spell checked?

If you have any questions, email Carl Leonardsson or Jari Stenman, using your student account.


Assignment 1 - Deadline: September 16
Assignment 2 - Deadline: October 1
Assignment 3 - Deadline: October 12
Assignment 4 - Deadline: October 23

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