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Department of Information Technology

AFP - Advanced Functional Programming (2013) - (course 1DL450)

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28 January

  • The results and feedback for all three assignments are now available on Studentportalen.
  • The grading scheme for the Assignments part of the course has been updated. See the original entry below.
  • Presentation slots have been announced. Check your inbox for more information.

15 January

Some sample inputs for the Tic-Tac-Logic project


20 December (UPDATED: 28 January)

The grading scheme for this course is:

  • Assignments part (3 credits): 0-27: U, 28-41: 3, 42-50: 4 and 51-60:5
  • Projects (2 credits): 0-19: U, 20-28: 3, 28-34: 4 and 35-40: 5

The teacher reserves the right to lower these thresholds.
(I will ask the studierektor about how the "final" grade of the course is to be calculated and inform you about it.)

20 December

Projects have been announced. The deadline for submission is 20th January 2014.

10 December

Assignment 3 has been announced. Its deadline is 23rd December 2013, 23:59.

18 November

Assignment 2 has been announced. Its deadline is 3rd December 2013, 23:59.

4 November

Assignment 1 has been announced. Its deadline is 15th November 2013, 16:00.

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