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Department of Information Technology

Object-Oriented Design (1DL240)

Next (and last) lecture: Thursday, Oct 11, at 10:15 am in 1111.

For the final presentation, we have relaxed the "prohibition" against using slides. Just remember that you can't fit that much into a single slide and that you won't have time for more than maybe 7-8 slides.


Kent Saxin Hammarström, email, room 1345B
N.B. only available on lecture days.

Teaching assistants

Stavros Aronis <>, room 1357, phone 018 - 471 10 40.
David Klaftenegger <>, room 1357, phone 018 - 471 10 40.


There is no compulsory text book for the course, but see Literature / Readings for a set of articles and Lecture notes for the lecture notes. The latter will be published gradually as the course progresses.

Course start

Tuesday, September 4, at 08.15 in room 1211, MIC.


Project design work, a written report, and oral presentations (poster presentations). The design work accounts for 4 credits and the presentations as such for 1 credit together.

For more info, see the menu to the left or:

Student portal page: Object oriented design, 5 hp

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