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Department of Information Technology

PhD course: Research projects in Scientific Computing, 7.5hp

Agenda for presentations May 3 in 2215

Time Topic Presenter(s)
10.15-10.30 Introduction Lina von Sydow
10.30-10.50 StenSeal -- A General Software Library for High-Performance Finite-Difference Computations Karl Ljungkvist, Ylva Rydin, and Jonatan Werpers
10.50-11.10 Questions, change of speakers and short break
11.10-11.25 Anisotropic Radial Basis Function Methods for Continental Size Ice Sheet Simulations Cheng Gong and Victor Shcherbakov
11.25-11.30 Questions and change of speakers
11.30-11.55 Taming Deep Belief Networks Kristiina Ausmees, Slobodan Milovanovic, Fredrik Wrede, and Afshin Zafari

Aims and scope:

This course is intended to teach PhD students to start up, lead and take part in research projects. Specifically there will be elements of project leading, project organization including planning and time budgeting, unit testing, version control, practising of presentation techniques and contact with industry/society.

Course outline:

The course will be organized around research projects that are set up in the beginning of the course. The idea is to form new projects based on the skills and backgrounds of the participating PhD students. Since this is a course, more risky projects can be started compared to regular PhD student projects. There will be meetings approximately once a month during the course where we initialize new stages in the project work. Between each meeting there will be homework to do individually and in project groups, approximately 1 week full-time work/student between each meeting, resulting in a total work/student of 5 weeks full-time. If a student wants to take this course with a lower/higher input and obtain fewer/more credits, this can possibly be individually negotiated. The course is formatively assessed during the meetings and summatively in a written project report and an oral presentation at a mini-workshop at the end of the course. The students are expected to take part in the meetings but individual arrangements can be made if there is a conflict with teaching/conferences etc.

Draft plan:

You get a detailed plan for each occasion by following the links.

How to register

Send an email to no later than September 30.

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