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Department of Information Technology

Invited talks and lectures


17/04/2024 Physics-informed neural network with unknown measurement noise. Seminar at the Division of Scientific Computing, Uppsala University pdf


19/10/2023 Hur strukturerar man sitt maskininlärningsprojekt?. Docentföreläsning pdf

7/06/2023 Linearly and nonlinearly constrained Gaussian processes. Mini-workshop on the topic of magnetic field localisation, combining sensor fusion with machine learning, Linköping University

14/04/2023 Linearly and nonlinearly constrained Gaussian processes. WASP ML cluster (online) pdf


15/04/2022 Linearly constrained Gaussian processes. SIAM conference on uncertainty quantification pdf

11/01/2022 Linearly and nonlinearly constrained Gaussian processes. Lifting Inference with Kernel Embeddings (LIKE22) -- Winter school and workshop (online) pdf


11/02/2021 Physics-informed machine learning. Celsius-Linnaeus Symposium, Uppsala University, pdf


08/12/2020 Constrained Gaussian processes for strain field reconstruction. Physics-informed machine learning – The 3rd Sheffield Workshop on Structural Dynamics pdf

29/01/2020 AI och fysiken, part of seminar celebrating the 20 years anniversary of the IT department,Uppsala University, pdf


19/12/2019 Deep Learning Applied to System Identification. Deep structures (workshop), Aalto University, Finland pdf

10/05/2019 Hitta positionen med hjälp av magnetfält!. Guest lecture in the course Electromagnetism I pdf


12/21/2018 Magnetic tracking and mapping. Presentation at workshop on sesnors for detection and tracking, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Linköping. pdf

02/02/2018 Pose tracking of magnetic objects. Presentation at the VASCO workshop, Uppsala University. pdf


13/11/2017 Pose tracking of magnetic objects. Seminar at the group of Visual Information and Interaction (Vi2), Uppsala University. pdf

21/09/17 Deep Learning. Guest lecture in Empirical Modelling, Uppsala University, Sweden pdf

27/03/17 Deep Learning and neural networks. Lecture in Statistical Machine Learning, Uppsala University, Sweden pdf


28/11/16 Modeling magnetic Fields Using Gaussian Processes. Bayesian Meeting (Workshop), Uppsala University, Sweden pdf

22/09/16 Deep Learning. Guest lecture in Empirical Modelling, Uppsala University, Sweden pdf

16/06/16 Deep Learning: Pixels to Torques. Division of Systems and Control, Uppsala University, Sweden pdf

10/02/16 Pixels to Torques: Control using Deep Dynamical Models. ACCESS Linnaeus Center Seminar Series, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. pdf


28/10/15 Modeling of Magnetic Fields and Extended Objects for Localization Applications. Seminar at FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency) , Stockholm, Sweden pdf

28/05/15 Extended Target Tracking Using Gaussian Processes. Division of Automatic Control, Linköping University, Sweden pdf

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