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Department of Information Technology

Discussion About the Form of TAPVES

After the first seminar, we will have a discussion about the form of TAPVES. The following questions were intended to initiate a discussion.
The audience generally seemed to agree and there were no big controversies. I've filled in what I perceived as the general opinion in italics. /Sven

  • Scope
  • Narrow (research paper) vs. broad (overview)?
We decided to keep the broadness open, i.e., it is up to the presenter to decide whether they want to give a broad or narrow seminar.
  • Program Verification
We decided that program verification is a little too narrow because we want to let people from related areas talk too. We could not find a good name for this, so the scope is "program verification and related areas".
  • Time
  • Thursday Afternoon
The time does not suit everyone, but no other time suits everyone either. We decided to keep the current time. It is important for people that the time is known long in advance, so that they can request not to have teaching at this time before the schedule is settled.
  • Feedback
  • On presentation technique
Feedback on presentation technique will not be a compulsory point on the program. It is up to the presenter to ask for for this, in which case, of course, it can be made in a formal way by handing out feedback forms, etc.
  • On research topic
The aim of the seminars is to initiate discussions, so attendants should be as active as possible. It is good if the audience asks questions during the talk, and there will be time for questions after the seminar.
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