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Department of Information Technology

Computer-assisted Applications in Medicine

CAiM is part of the Centre for Image Analysis and the Uppsala Medtech Science and Innovation Centre, which is a joint initiative between Uppsala University and the University Hospital.

Basic and applied research in CAiM involve data analysis and information extraction, on topics lying at the intersection of multiple disciplines: computer science, engineering, and medicine. With the involvement of diverse and cross-?disciplinary skill-?set, the group aims to devise novel imaging and image analysis techniques, and develop them for clinical translation. The group’s efforts push the boundaries of diagnostic and surgical procedures as well as minimally-?invasive interventions.

Research in CAiM is conducted in close collaboration with clinical as well as industrial partners, where the research results have a strong translational component, both clinically and commercially. To that end, CAiM aims to develop innovative diagnostic and interventional applications, focusing on data analysis from imaging to abstracting patient-?specific models and representations, and from there to optimal intervention planning and intra-?operative execution.

Below is a visual overview of research interests in CAiM:


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