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Department of Information Technology


CeTUSS mission is to work with students, teachers, academic development units and industry to improve the alignment of technology education with the needs of society and students. The aim is to do this in a way that increases both motivation and participation among the students and improve learning.
The center works towards fulfilling this vision through identifying key educational challenges and
developing, and disseminating scholarship and innovations
that make technology education

  • Personally meaningful
  • Socially relevant
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Based in collaboration (local and international).

The activities at CeTUSS are primarily aimed at teachers/researchers active in developing and evaluating pedagogical ideas along the lines above and persons, such as staff developers and directors of undergraduate education, concerned with disseminating the ideas/results. Concrete activities include

  • Run a network and provide an inspiring meeting place
    • Teachers
    • Staff developers
    • Subject-specific didactic researchers
  • Organize workshops
  • Run courses
  • Initiate local seminar series
  • Present at relevant conferences attended by those that will benefit most from learning research results
  • Visit all relevant higher education institutions in Sweden
  • Build a knowledgebase
  • Run a development project
    • Internationalize the IT in Society course
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