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Department of Information Technology

Uppsala Urban Computing Lab

Cities around the world are currently under quick transition towards a low carbon environment, high quality of living, and resource efficient economy. IoT, big data, and machine learning play critical roles in facilitating the development of smart cities and providing urban informatics. Our research aims at investigating advanced urban sensing, data analytics, and machine learning techniques for developing integrated solutions for a sustainable society.


Research Interests

  • Internet-of-Things and mobile crowdsourcing for urban sensing
  • Cloud computing and data management for smart cities
  • Machine learning and big data analytics
  • Integrated decision support system for urban planning

Research Projects

GreenIoT for Smart Cities and Open Data

The GreenIoT project aims at developing an integrated IoT solution for environmental sensing, which enables experimentation with applications and services using open data for sustainable urban development. The GreenIoT architecture has been manifested in terms of a testbed in the city center of Uppsala. The GreenIoT testbed and the open data allow third parties to test new sensing products and develop new applications.
Link to GreenIoT project website

EU CRUNCH - Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices: Operationalising the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

The EU CRUNCH project investigates food, water, and energy as one complex system, leading to increased knowledge and discoveries that cannot emerge when investigated separately in ‘silos’. It will combine an integrated decision support system and visualization models with expert knowledge in waste, food, material flows, water and energy management and urban planning, architecture and urban governance. Link to EU CRUNCH project website

EU SimpliCITY - Marketplace for User-centered Sustainability Services

The EU SimpliCITY project aims to scale up and increase the visibility of regional sustainability services (RSUS) by developing a novel platform that aggregates multiple regional sustainability services. It raises the awareness for a “sustainable city lifestyle” and increases the number of engaged urban citizens by developing methods and tools for nudging a community towards the consumption of RSUS.
Link to EU SimpliCITY project website


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