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Department of Information Technology

Human-Machine Interaction

The interplay between people and machines


Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) studies the interplay between people and machines (e.g., information technology, automation, robots and intelligent interfaces). From a global perspective, it aims to improve the relationship between people and technology and foster positive social change through technology.

Research Topics

  • Social robotics (SR): human-robot interaction, socially intelligent robots, social artificial intelligence, multimodal interaction
  • Workplace technology (WT): user-centred technology development, workplace user experience (UX), cognitive work analysis, transportation, health care, sustainable technology management
  • Technology ethics (TE): relations with automation and AI, safety, design ethics, human-in-the-loop development, expertise, mutual shaping of society and technology, (gender) diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Sustainability (S): how digital devices and online services affect our everyday lives, energy demand and carbon emissions

Faculty Members



  • 1MD032 / 1MD039: Intelligent Interactive Systems: SR
  • 1MD300: Social robotics and human-robot interaction: SR
  • 1MD016: Human-Computer Interaction: WT
  • 1MD001: Advanced Interaction Design: WT
  • 1MD031: Interface Programming with a User Perspective: WT
  • 1MD002: User Interface programming I: WT
  • 1MD003: User Interface programming II: WT
  • 1MD034: System Design with a User Perspective, WT
  • 1MD200: Requirements in Agile Development: WT
  • 1DL630: Complex IT Systems in large Organizations: WT
  • 1IMD033:Non-Excluding Design and Evaluation: WT,S
  • 1MD017: IT Systems and Human Factors: WT
  • 1FA455: Complex Systems in Technology and Society - Technology:WT
  • 1MD004: IT, Ethics and Organization: TE
  • 1DL002: Data, Ethics and Law: TE
  • 1DL008: IT, Sustainability and Social Responsibility: S
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