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Department of Information Technology

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Enabling simulations and data processing at scale


Parallel and distributed computing is a foundational part of the toolbox for the computational scientist. Computational experiments and data processing often require large computing and storage facilities and there is a challenge in designing and implementing algorithms and software capable of efficiently leveraging high-performance computing and cloud computing systems.

Research Topics

  • High-performance computing (HPC): the efficient use of supercomputers and clusters to solve advanced computational problems
  • Distributed computing infrastructures (DCI): cloud computing, distributed systems architecture, distributed storage, application design to leverage distributed infrastructure to solve e.g. data-intensive problems
  • Task-based programming for large-scale scientific software (TPSS): programming models and frameworks for task-parallel problems
  • Efficient implementations of numerical methods for distributed computing (NDC): design of numerical algorithms such as partial differential equation (PDE) solvers to enable large-scale parallelism

Applications and Software

  • HASTE Toolkit: a framework for developing intelligent stream processing pipelines: DCI, NDC
  • FEDn: a hierarchical federated learning framework: DCI, NDC
  • Chunks and Tasks: open-source library for the parallelisation of dynamic, hierarchical algorithms: TPSS, HPC, NDC
  • StochSS: stochastic simulation as a service: NDC, DCI
  • SuperGlue: a library for data-dependency-driven task parallelism: NDC, TPSS, HPC
  • Hummingbird: monitoring and analysing flash X-ray imaging experiments in real time: NDC, HPC, DCI


  • 1TD062: High Performance Programming: HPC, DCI, NDC
  • 1TD070: Parallel and Distributed Programming: HPC, TPSS, NDC
  • 1TD307: Project in Computational Science: HPC, DCI, NDC, TPSS
  • 1TD389: Scientific Visualisation: NDC
  • 1TD055: Accelerator-Based Programming: HPC, TPSS, NDC
  • 1TD169: Data Engineering I: DCI, NDC
  • 1TD075: Data Engineering II: DCI, NDC
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