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Degrees and Careers

After graduation, it is time to collect your degree and consider your next steps. With a degree, you are well equipped to work outside the university. Is it time to look for a job, start your own business or perhaps embark on a career in research?

A degree can be an end point for your studies, and is proof that you have acquired skills up to a certain level, as well as a capacity for analytical and methodical thinking.

Plan For and Collect your Degree

Whether you have been taking courses, finished a program with a wide margin with a largely predetermined course of study, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the opportunities for a degree available and what is from you required from you at an early stage.

Uppsala University has gathered all the information you need to plan and apply for graduation.

You are welcome to plan your course of study based on your interests and what you want to do after graduation with one of our student advisors.

Picture of a diploma

Time to Build a Career!

Finishing your studies is also the start of your career. Why are you studying and what is it you want to achieve? Your education is not disconnected from what follows, but an important part of it.

Learn how you prepare and plan your career at the faculty career pages. Here you will find lots of tips and advice about building your career - a good place to start! For personal career counselling, contact our student advisors.

More information before you embark on your career:

Uppsala University's job and career site provides guidance and suggestions for where you can get support. Student are encouraged to book a meeting with a guidance counsellor, attend CV-coaching seminars, and a variety of other career activities.

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