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Master Programmes

Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions often with real-time constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device or large technical system often including hardware and mechanical parts. Today about 99% of all computers in the world are embedded. They are controlling cell phones, cameras, cars, trains, airplanes, home appliances, robots, etc.

The master program in embedded systems is hosted by us jointly with Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, which has world-leading research in areas including computer architecture, embedded and real-time systems, software technology, wireless communication, signal processing and automatic control.

The department has recently established the UPMARC research center (Uppsala Programming for Multicore Architectures Research Center) which is the only Linnaeus center in computer science in Sweden, awarded by the Swedish Research Council. The department is hosting an Vinn Excellence Center WISENET, conducting multidisciplinary research in wireless networks.

The master program is conducted in close collaboration with UPMARC and WISENET. The advanced courses will cover the state of the art research carried out in these centers, and can be taken jointly with the PhD students at the department.

Programme outline

Your Future

  • Do you want to learn how to design, implement and maintain embedded computer systems? We offer you a top-class education in embedded systems design and engineering.
  • You will be prepared for a professional career in both industry and academia.
  • The market for embedded systems is enormous, and the demand for high-skilled experts in the area is constantly increasing.
  • After the education, you will be highly competitive on the national and international job market.
  • You will be able to make a career in industry as e.g., system architect, project leader, programmer or system engineer in e.g., automotive industry, telecom, avionics, robotics, industrial process control, consumer electronic, etc., or in academia as a researcher or prospective PhD student.

See Careers for more.


  • a complete Bachelor degree equivalent to 180 ECTS credits (i.e. three years of full-time studies) in Computer Science, Engineering including Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or related area.
  • Of those 180 ECTS credits or their equivalent, a third needs to be in the area of computer science and mathematics (more specifically, the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits in computer science, and 30 ECTS credits in mathematics).
  • To be eligible for the programme you must have studied courses in programming, operating systems, and computer architecture.

If you have not finished your BSc when you apply, you can get admitted on condition that you show your degree at arrival in Uppsala.


More details on admission
Scholarship opportunities


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