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Department of Information Technology


My research is about the verification of Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks (WSNs). These networks represent an interesting area of research for the fundamental problems they pose but also for the multitude of applications they can have. In fact, WSNs are typically composed of autonomous communicative devices with varying communication topologies and harsh energy constraints. Their applications range from air pollution, waste water to machine health monitoring.
WSNs turn out to be powerful computation models for which checking basic safety properties such as reachability is undecidable in the general case. We are therefor interested in defining under which conditions some verification work can be conducted.

I was also involved in a line of research where concurrent programs were verified by translating them into a sequential programs (See paper and prototype).


Conference Papers

Journal Papers

  • Budget-bounded model-checking pushdown systems. Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Othmane Rezine and Jari Stenman in Proc. Formal Methods in System Design, Volume 45, Number 2, October 2014, Special issue on FMCAD 2012, pages 273-301.

Tool Papers


Current courses:

Year Semester Course
2015 Fall Introduction to Systems and Technology in Society, IT part (5LH220)
2015 Fall Algorithms and Data Structures I (1DL210)

Past courses:

Year Semester Course
2014 Fall Introduction to Systems and Technology in Society, IT part (5LH220)
2014 Fall Programming (1DT042)
2014 Summer Introduction to Information Technology
2013 Fall Programming Theory
2013 Fall STS Introductory Course, IT part
2012 Fall Programming Theory
2012 Spring Programming Embedded Systems
2011 Spring Programming Embedded Systems
2011 Spring Computer Networks I
2010 Fall Computer Networks I
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