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Department of Information Technology

Salman Toor

Student(s) Supervision

  • Associate Supervisor for Marco Capuccini's doctoral thesis (2015-Present)
    • Title: Large-scale data integration and machine learning using Cloud Infrastructures
    • Registered at Division of Scientific Computing, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University,Sweden
  • Mentor for Lirim Osmani´s doctoral thesis (2014-Present)
    • Title: Integrated Cloud Management Plane: Experiments with Scientific and Telecom Clouds
    • Registered at Computer Science Department, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Supervisor for Aleksander Okonski masters thesis (2017)
    • Title: GROOT: Infrastructure_Security- as-a-Service (ISaaS)
  • Supervisor for Preechakorn Torruangwatthana masters thesis (2016)
    • Title: S3DA: A Stream-based Solution for Scalable Data Analysis
  • Reviewer for Jon Ander Novella de Miguel masters thesis (2017)
    • Title: Scalable and Reproducible Metabolomics Workflows with Pachyderm
  • Reviewer for Charalampos Georgiadis masters thesis (2016)
    • Title: An evaluation and performance comparison of different approaches for data stream processing
  • Reviewer for Charalampos Gavriil Kominos’s masters thesis (2016)
    • Title: Performance analysis of different virtualization architectures using OpenStack
  • Reviewer for Sigurour Geirsson masters thesis (2016)
    • Title: Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Trees and Bayesian Additive Regression Trees to detect complex genetics interactions
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